Saturday Date: 1/13/2018From: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

We all have heard that “meditation is good for you”. But how do we begin?
Science confirms that meditation will keep you healthy, help prevent multiple diseases, make you happier, and improve your performance in physical or mental tasks.

Dane Christensen is here to help you demystify meditation and find a practice that is right for you. The methods he teaches are based in ancient Vedic and modern Present Moment Awareness systems. These systems break down into four main meditation experiences: Present Moment Awareness/Mindfulness; Intention; Transcendence; and Energy.

Based on where you are now, Dane will work alongside you to help develop your meditation practice, encourage you to be open to different styles and teach you when to use them. Whether you are interested in meditation for stress relief, performance enhancement or self-inquiry, Dane has yet to meet a person who cannot find benefits from learning to meditate.

Class price is $25
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