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Kimberly Drye is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor in the Birmingham, AL area. She trained primarily in Asheville, NC with master teacher Lillah Schwartz, but has additional training with Cindy Dollar, John Friend, Roger Cole, Michael Johnson, Aadil Pakhiavala, Stephanie Keach, and Matthew Sanford.

She currently has five years of teaching experience at Lighten Up Yoga, Asheville Yoga Center, South Asheville Yoga, Asheville Community Yoga, Asheville Yoga Donation Studio, French Broad River Academy, UNCA, ABTech, Bella Vista Retirement home, Hope Medical Center, workplace yoga at the Federal Building, the Crest Center, the Wellness Center at the Cliffs, Leila Patterson Center, Cooperris Mental Health Clinic, a number of health clubs/gyms, and various special events and private sessions including weddings and private hikes and yoga.

In addition to classes and private sessions, Kim worked as a staff member in the 200-hour yoga teacher trainings at Lighten Up Yoga and Asheville Yoga Center where she offered guidance to teachers about their personal practices, teaching sequences, and teaching skills

In 2011, she started her own series of experiential classes including Yoga on the Mountain events and international retreats. Pictures and more information about these events can be found on her blog,, where she regularly posts yoga sequences, news, and musings.

Kim completed a 150 hours Internship/voluntary observation at CarePartners Rehabilitation facility in the Summer of 2012 and a service learning internship at Thrive, an organization devoted to positive health promotion, in Spring of 2012.

She has previous work experience as an elementary school reading skills instructor, bank teller, and two years in Americorps working with impoverished youth.

500-hour certification in alignment yoga with therapy emphasis from Lighten Up Yoga 2014
230-hour certification in alignment yoga from Lighten Up Yoga 2009, 9 month program
200-hour certification in flow yoga from Asheville Yoga Center 2008, 30 day intensive

Kimberly has also taken several additional workshops/trainings in yoga anatomy, yoga for back care, yoga for multiple sclerosis, the physiology of relaxation and sleep, the physiology of inversions, yoga for sacral imbalances, yoga for scoliosis, yoga for the asymmetric body, the art of sequencing, the history of yoga, pranayama, meditation techniques, yoga for seniors, chair yoga, yoga sutras and philosophy, the energetics of yoga (chakras, bandhas, koshas), and cranial-sacral rhythm in yoga (somatic release through asana).

The technical skills she has as an instructor that set her apart include poignant language skills, excellent demonstration technique, and an in-depth understanding of alignment principles and therapeutic applications. Her classes are focused on a combination of alignment in asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation.

Contact information for Kim, as well as her weekly schedule and upcoming events can be found at

Karen Scott-Thomasino is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. She has a strong foundation in dance, gymnastics, and figure skating. Pretty much anything that does not involve a ball or competition!! She began practicing yoga 6 years ago (at the Yoga Circle!) while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She credits her yoga practice with helping her finish graduate school, in 2011, with her sanity intact. Karen recently completed the 200 hour Teacher Certification at Birmingham Yoga under the amazing and accomplished Akasha Ellis. She also recently submitted her application for the 300 hour certification under the Shiva Rea, Prana Flow™ method. She hopes to complete that training by 2014. Karen’s class is Vinyasa flow style with a strong Ashtanga foundation. Various Pilates type movements are also incorporated in the flow. Her class will help you build strength, compliment any athletic training you are currently involved in, help you to relax, and foster a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all living beings. Karen works in the financial industry and spends her free time volunteering with local animal rescues/shelters, advocating for various animal rights issues, running, cycling, dancing, and spending time with her various conventional and non-conventional pets. Come to Karen’s class ready to move dynamically, sweat, laugh, and groove to some fun music!

Melissa Scott is a yoga teacher, counselor, life coach, writer, and presenter, on a mission to help others live their most authentic life possible. Her Core Vinyasa classes develop deep core strength and focus on moving from center, both on and off the mat. She combines her knowledge of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy for classes that are creative, challenging, and deeply centering.

A passionate yoga student for nearly a decade, with a background in dance and martial arts, Melissa uses her knowledge of the mind-body connection, energy dynamics, and deep core anatomy to move past fears to a deeper, more empowered place. In addition to teaching yoga and working with individual clients, she presents regularly on stress management, mind-body psychology, and sacred activism.

Melissa has been featured on Veria Network’s “Rock Your Yoga with Sadie Nardini.” She serves as an ambassador for Off the Mat, Into the World and a co-facilitator of Yoga in Action Birmingham. She writes and blogs at and at her website,

Pilar has been athletic since graduating from college and really just a big fan of movement since the time she could crawl. After the birth of her first child she became swept away with the freedom of running and was able to enjoy the sights and vistas of some pretty far flung locales atop those running shoes — including some extra-long runs that came about from being completely lost.

Over the years she added some other cross training through swimming (especially while pregnant), biking and group exercise but in her fourth decade she discovered yoga. She can’t honestly say that it was love at first sight since all those years of athletics led to crazy tight hamstrings and shoulders, but ultimately it was a match made in heaven. So much so that she wanted to share this gift of love with everyone. Hence, her 200-hr Vinyasa training with the lovely Dolly Stavros of Asmi Yoga at North Shore Yoga in Chattanooga began a true passion for yoga and the catalyst it can be in anyone’s life.

Her classes are always a labor of love and you never quite know what you’ll be getting. A student once described her teaching style in an article in the Charlottesville Daily Progress, provocatively titled Unexpected girl crush on yoga matriarch as ”… She didn’t get all navel-gaze-y; she behaved like a teacher who had faith that her students could achieve what she wanted them to learn.”

When not thinking doing or teaching yoga she can still be found running, biking and dreaming of grandchildren.

After Laura received her degree in Exercise Science and Wellness she worked as a Certified Personal Trainer and Ski Instructor for several years. Eventually her curiosity and interest in mindbody modalities drew her to take a yoga teacher training and that has been her direction ever since. Her background includes Ashtanga,, vinyasa flow, and Anusara Yoga.
Her teaching style is a uniquely integrated and supportive approach that is fluid and dynamic. It encourages individual exploration through attention to alignment, longer holds, and a willingness to be aware of all parts of ourselves-and our sensations. (82 degree room). Often classes have a theme to facilitate integration of yoga as a divine expression and expansion, not as a practice of domination, or control of nature. This practice is a gateway toward powerfully connecting and integrating mind, body and spirit through celebration of the heart, alignment, and balanced energetic action.

Class description
This class is a uniquely integrated and supportive approach that is fluid and dynamic. It encourages individual exploration through attention to alignment, longer holds, and a willingness to be aware of all parts of ourselves-and our sensations. (82 degree room). Often classes have a theme to facilitate integration of yoga as a divine expression and expansion, not as a practice of domination, or control of nature. This practice is a gateway toward powerfully connecting and integrating mind, body and spirit through celebration of the heart, alignment, and balanced energetic action.

Stephen Fletcher, Director and Principal Teacher, graduated Bikram’s 9-week teacher training course in Los Angeles in November, 2002, and has been teaching yoga ever since. He recently attended a 200 hour Kundalini teacher training in Asheville, NC. Stephen has a love for all styles of yoga and encourages students to be aware that they are all connected. He has practiced and studied with Akasha Ellis, Sean Tabor, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, and Brian Kest.

Stephen’s class is inevitably spiritual in nature and pulls from every yoga and discipline that exists. He will help you see the inherent oneness of all things as his physical instructions emerge as a philosophy. Stephen will emphasize that good yoga lies in perception and reception. His background is in music and massage, both of which help expand his view of the body and mind and their ultimate union.

Your Yoga philosophy:
Make room for all the paradox. Everything is symbiotic and ultimately one, so follow no set path as a living truth is always changing.

Style of yoga:
Hot, Kundalini

Favorite Yoga Quote right now:
Nothing need define you, only shape you.
Favorite Yoga Pose right now:
5 min Plank Pose

After the first time practicing yoga in 2002, Shannon fell in love with her mat and felt like she had come home to her true self. She became a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher in 2007 after completing her training at the Tallapoosa Center for Inner Arts in Carrollton, GA. There she studied an eclectic style of Yoga and Tai Chi with Karen Sifton and Roger Hornsby. She has experience teaching prenatal and mom & baby yoga. She is also a graphic designer and aspiring musician. As of May 2014, Shannon’s also a certified Laughter Yoga leader through Laughter Yoga Atlanta.
Shannon currently teaches Sacred Flow (a soulful heated vinyasa) at The Yoga Circle. Her classes are open to all levels, but come prepared to sweat! She believes the more you let go and allow for your own authentic movement to evolve, the more you will awaken the freedom in your body and your life. She incorporates bhakti yoga into her classes with meditation and song. She encourages you to smile through your practice, befriend your body, let your intuition guide you to a new awareness, and enjoy the gift of presence.

Shannon is the founder and co-host of Birmingham Kirtan/Satsang (community chanting group). For more info, please email

Melissa’s love for yoga began 10 years ago, when she started practicing yoga as a counterbalance to her workouts. However, she quickly noticed improvement in her strength, flexibility, and posture and found a sense of peace and purpose that deepened each time she returned to her mat.
She also fell in love with the cardiovascular aspect of power yoga.

In 2010, she started a new yoga chapter in her life when she completed her first teacher training with Baron Baptiste and began teaching vinyasa flow classes.
Melissa is thankful to be able to share her journey and love for yoga through teaching, and combine her passion for music into each class.
As a teacher and a student, it is her intention to share all the benefits of yoga with others and have fun with each practice.