I was born and raised in Montgomery, AL throughout my childhood years. As I grew up, we moved back and forth between the country of Jordan and am happy to call Birmingham my permanent home. I’m currently a student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham undergoing a pre-medical program with a double major in Chemistry and Neuroscience with hopes to link both my love for yoga and passion for medicine as I pursue an education to be a future physician. My passions in life really don’t fall from learning and teaching. I grow as a yoga instructor and practioner each day and hope that I can influence all my fellow yogis to build their own personal journeys.

Yoga to me is defined as a relationship built between the body, mind, and breath. Yoga is crafting space free of obstacles and frustration in your own body to live. It is the teaching of pure freedom and tranquility. It is my job to help my students find this same feeling of freedom and tranquility so that they can securely move their bodies and mind through their own wonderful journey of life.