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We all have heard about the mind-body-spirit connection. But, we rarely hear about the energetic body. The energetic body is the space that holds the mind-body-spirit connection. Whether you talk about the chakras, meridians or aura, each of our bodies have a unique energy system that needs to be balanced to maintain health and wellness. It is a system that we can not see, but most of us have felt. Think about a person in your life that always seems to suck your energy. Now think about how various energies, such as computers and cell phones, and our own physical and mental patterns can over stimulate or fatigue our energetic systems. Add that to the energy suckers and we have an energetic system on overload. Reiki/Energy Healing is to help re-balance your energy system. During a session, you are fully clothed while the practitioner uses light touch to scan and balance the energetic body. Some areas may be overworked while others are sluggish. Energy flows from the practitioner to calm overworked areas or stimulate sluggish ones. While the practitioner works, you may get hot or cold, have dreams, have muscle twitches, feel a rush of energy or fall asleep. After a session, you may feel more energized, the need for a nap, de-stressed, deeply relaxed or have vivid dreams. Reiki/Energy Healings can help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, joint problems, pain management, boost your own healing process and immunity as well as maintain health. For more information, visit the Mayo Clinic’s description and listen to Dr. Oz interview or contact Nicki at
60 Minute Session= $75
*No tip desired or requested
**If you have budget concerns, please contact Nicki to discuss as options are available.Methods of Payment: Cash and CheckFor new clients, please allot 90 minutes for your first session to discuss any concerns you may have prior or after your session.

For massage, we are currently only offering referrals to some of the best in town.

These are the people we love:

 Zack Walker with Neuromuscular Solutions   542-1813

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