Although I practiced martial arts for 7 years prior, I began teaching from the Western world of fitness. Back in 1997 I received my BS degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and was certified as a ACE Personal Trainer, after that Pilates, Spinning, Snow Skiing, and Intrinsic Coach.
My emphasis has always been using exercise as a tool to manage stress, even snow skiing. After two years in the industry, I decided to learn more by taking a Yoga teacher training which was 13 years ago already! Half way through the class I realized this is it, this is all I need! I soon converted all my clients I could and let the others go, and dedicated myself to continuous personal and professional growth in the field of yoga. I even took another teacher training right away because I was kind of like a yoga junkie and wanted more! It’s been a wonderful choice and journey.
Blessed, I was hired at a growing Community College to teach several credited yoga classes. It was the first offering of yoga there and I felt responsible to teach the full spectrum of yoga, and just as importantly, to help grow the community or kula. I loved the challenge and through the years I got to bloom and teach a full spectrum of classes; level 1, 2, intermediate, seniors, athletes (specifically the baseball team), and restorative. As my main job, I started this gig a couple months after getting certified and stayed with it up until I left Arizona.
The road also lead me to work with a PHD exercise physiologist, and a MD to develop and implement exercise programs for Special Populations (generally one-on-one) such as arthritis, fibromyalgya, brain damage, injured athletes, osteoporosis, deafness, and others…
My love for biomechanics, anatomy, mindfulness, Tantric and Anusara yoga have kept me continuously amused and has prompted me to continue learning and studying the therapeutic aspects of yoga as a tool to align and release stress and tension from the mind and body for a fuller life with more joy.
Also, as Mind/Body modalities became acceptable, interesting and popular, there grew a need for quality teachers of mind/body/flexibility classes in the world of western fitness and science. I was honored to be asked to teach this at ASU East campus. It was a credited Lab class for Exercise Science Majors and others wanting to get certified in teaching mind/body/flexibility modalities. I enjoyed it because I had license to add the Eastern “mind”(or would that be mind-less?) aspect I’d learned and loved of exercise to the Western body of science aspect of exercise to integrate the mind/body/spirit. It was a great learning experience.
I consider myself fortunate to practice and study steadily with Desiree Rumbauh and Meg Berylin for over 7 years, both fantastic master Anusara teachers in Tempe. I am not Anusara certified although done lots of the training and it does influence my teaching considerably. I have also practiced/studied Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga styles. With my eclectic background I feel it is important for me honor all my learning and use all my experiences in my teaching method. I love learning ways to make yoga more accessible to everybody and to creatively use themes and light-heartedness to move my class.
My learning right now is Primordial Sound Meditation from a teacher who’s certified through the Depok Chopra Center.