Gabriela Pomplova first began her yogic journey intuitively, “When I was tired and needed to rejuvenate, I always went into a strange pose. My body especially liked to curl into KARNAPIDASANA (knee-to-ear pose). I had no clue I was practicing one of the yoga asanas.”

From 1995-2001 “I was going through a very emotional and painful period of my life. I only knew The Five Tibetans’ exercise (which is a derived sequence of yoga poses, practiced in repetitions). The Tibetans kept me afloat in my thoughts and developed a new awareness of my body in the meantime.”

In 1999 a friend lent her a book about yoga as the old adage says “when the time is right, a teacher appears.” She was ready to come out of her ignorance.

“I was determined to learn more about yoga, not only through performing postures but through every aspect of my being, acting, and doing. Working on my breath became an important everyday task. My abilities enhanced. My artwork took a different, a more meaningful direction. I began to work with new mediums. Now, in addition to painting and mosaics, I also enjoy designing yoga clothing.”

In 2005 I completed my first yoga teacher training in interdisciplinary yoga in the Czech Republic. It helped me refine what I learned through my physical practice, and what I acquired by studying from books and scripts. ‘The Heart of Yoga’ by Desichakar and ‘The Tree of Yoga’ by BKS Iyengar formed the early basis for my learning.

This fusion of ideas and practice continues with my exploration and experimentation through yoga meditation and art which I wish to share with you.

Completing Teacher trainings is one way to continue growing and exploring our world. At Kripalu in 2008 I took Shiva Rea’s Chakra vinyasa and trance dance teacher training as a way to bridge the world of dance and the world of yoga.

The methods of yoga you will learn and experience with me can help strengthen your mind body connection and give you a strong foundation for your home practice. Kundalini, ChakraVinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu, Sivananda make up the core of my Yoga teachings and practice.

A diligent yoga practice guides your steps to find your true purpose in life.

Favorite Yoga Quote right now:
“Tension is who you think you should be.” “Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese Proverb
Favorite Yoga Pose right now:
URDHAVA PRASARITA EKAPADASANA (One Legged Extended Forward Fold)