Hot Soul is a set series done in a room heated to 105 degrees.  It is a pure BEGINNERS boot camp class.  All poses are done twice with an emphasis on form and correct breathing.  With this yoga, you will establish the fundamentals of quality living as philosophy emerges from the physical.  –Stephen

Slow Flow is a slowed down introduction to vinyasa yoga.  This is an excellent class for beginners or anyone interested in exploring the nuances of the classic yoga postures.  The flow and postures practiced will be similar with each class. NOT HEATED  This is our most BEGINNER friendly class!   – Jasper, Laura

Heated Vinyasa – This class is suitable for anyone desiring a dynamic, energizing and challenging style of yoga linking breath and movement through unique sequencing. The flow combines variations on sun salutations standing postures and floor work developing a continuous flow that will deepen the breath, develop the core strength, increase endurance and challenge balance and flexibility. Class is set to music that will leave you sweaty and smiling. The room will be heated between 88-93 degrees. This is our most challenging class on the schedule…depending on how you look at it.  – Pilar

CSV Core Strength Vinyasa  – CSV is a “perspective” rather than a style of yoga. Developed by world-renowned teacher Sadie Nardini, CSV is designed to cultivate and tap into your inner core strength by setting a strong foundation, activating Deep Core muscles, and expressing out with lightness. This unique class offers intelligent, creative, and safe sequencing that focuses on optimal alignment, transitions, and the journey from pose to pose. Expect to move, breathe, explore, and sweat. 85 degrees  – Melissa S.

Hot Core Vinyasa – A faster-paced and challenging yoga class that connects movements to breath with a special emphasis on developing deep core strength.  Longer holds at the end will get you ready for your evening.  You will leave feeling strong, empowered, and centered physically, mentally and emotionally.  Heated to 85-90 degrees.  All levels welcome as modifications will be given for new students.   – Natalie C.

Creative Flow – A heated vinyasa flow class. You will be taught a series of flows and at certain moments encouraged to take the flow on your own sticking to the sequence or developing and exploring your own creative flow. A class that will engage you through movement, balance, and breath.   – Sara

Yoga for Athletes – (beginner friendly) Do you already have a workout routine? Have you always wanted to be more flexible? Are you plagued by injuries? Maybe this yoga class is for you. A one hour restorative yoga class aimed at the fit individual looking to incorporate some flexibility and core awareness exercises into their weekly schedule. The class will begin with a few sun salutations to generate some heat into the muscles and awaken the core followed by poses intended to focus on hips, shoulders, lower back, hip flexors and hamstrings. The class will move slowly enough to create muscular awareness and increase joint mobility but briskly enough to hit major groups. The pace is designed for the beginner but is a great recovery tool for the experiences yogi as well. Most classes will focus on one major area with the ability to make modifications based upon your individual needs. Hopefully, you will be able to take away something that you can work on in the time between classes and to feel more comfortable attending other types of yoga classes if that is your goal.  – Jennifer

Sacred Flow will connect you to your divine energy.  Chant, breathe and flow through a vinyasa class emphasizing the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of yoga.  You will be encouraged to listen to your own inner teacher and always honor your body.  Feel alive, transformed and joyful in sacred presence.  Heated to 90 degrees; open to all levels.   –Shannon

Aglow Flow is a powerful creative vinyasa that will lead you to discover a blazing inner universe.  Expect to twist, float, fly, expand and invert in a   heated non-competitive space.   –Liz Hughey

Candlelight Slow Flow – This class will be accentuated by soft light and down tempo grooves to ease you into your evening.  An alignment based flow that is open to all levels.   – Kim

Align + Awaken explores the specific alignment principles within asana. All levels welcome. The emphasis on instruction will be useful for beginners and for seasoned practitioners wanting to create more mindful awareness. Class is warm, about 80 degrees.   – Kim

Flow and Glow – This Vinyasa Flow Class offers a wide range of movement and variety of Asana , Pranayama and Meditation. Everyone is encouraged to move at their own pace and to modify the asana to meet their current physical needs/abilities. You will practice both classical and creatively-adapted sun salutations, standing and seated postures including twists and binds, backbends, inversions and arm balances. Prepare for core and mental workout,  expect to sweat and have fun! Every individual is warmly welcomed regardless of age, physical ability or prior experience. 85 degrees.   – Ivelina

Fat Girl Yoga (boys welcome too!) – Have you wanted to try yoga but felt self-conscious about your body? Been concerned that you wouldn’t fit in? Do you love yoga but hate classes that don’t consider your body shape? Fat Girl yoga is for you! This class is a welcome center for all body shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness. We will move through powerful sequences that begin from the most supported variation of the poses using dynamic movement within poses and gently moving to less supported variations for each student to find the depth that suits their own body. We will discuss and support a body positive attitude honoring our curves and loving the body we have now. For the hippy, busty, curvaceous, rounded, Buddha bellied, beautiful people of Birmingham. Perfect for all levels of experience and fitness.  Fat is only a mean word if we let it be, let’s make it beautiful!  – Nancy

Hot 26 & 2 – Bikram-method Beginner’s Yoga (26&2) is a 90 minute basic Beginner’s Hatha Yoga class performed in a heated room (90-100 degrees). This class is designed for everyone whether you are old, young, sick, injured, inflexible, overweight, underweight… or healthy as a horse and ready to challenge your life and go to the next level. Bikram-method yoga is yoga for all people, 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every time. The Yoga does not change–you do. No matter what your level of experience, please come to every class with a beginner’s mind for optimal medical and therapeutic benefit. The instructor utilizes a dialogue to teach class, which functions as a step-by-step spoken instruction manual so you may modify your body to fit the posture, become strong where you are weak, improve your concentration, lose weight, get healthy, get happy, become a better you through the strategy of consistent yoga practice. Bikram-method yoga is a brilliant yoga system that has quickly spread all around the world, as it is designed to create optimal benefits through correct practice and concrete proof in your own life. Please come as you are. Bring a towel, water bottle, and wearing shorts is prefered but not required.  – Allie

Fierce Flow is a challenging series inspired by Ashtanga. Class will start with sun salutations and move through standing postures that enhance your balance while strengthening and lengthening every muscle in your body. Arm balances and inversions will be included. You will leave feeling alive from head to toe. 95 degrees.

Restorative/Yin Yoga – This class will hold passive poses for longer periods allowing time for the body to release it’s deeper tensions.  It’s great for those that are injured or needing to recover and restore balance to the body.  – Natalie S.

Kinetic Flow – Allow yourself to discover your inner potential. Kinetic Flow yoga is a great class for beginners, and for those you want to enhance their foundation in yoga. Kinetic Flow begins with sun salutations, and goes through each position slowly and thoughtfully in depth, before repeating the vinyasas at a more fluid pace. The majority of class is dedicated to Ashtanga yoga, with a slight incorporation of Pilates. The thing that sets Kinetic Flow apart from a traditional Ashtanga class is that this class explores not only traditional Ashtanga philosophy, but also that of Aristotle’s philosophy of movement in nature. This class will incorporate both eastern and western philosophy and practice with Ashtanga yoga and Pilates to help unlock the energy from within yourself, and absorb energy from the environment.  85 degrees   – Natalie S. 

Hot Hybrid takes the Bikram skeleton and infuses other styles into the format.  You could expect 3 different variations on any given class:  Kundalini, Ashtanga, and Yin or Restorative yogas.   Commonly we might do one set of the Bikram postures and offer an alternative on the second set.  Or let loose a little more than that….  The room will be heated and this class is open to beginners as modifications will be offered.   -Stephen

Circle means that the teachers of this class will rotate.  You will be able to  check the website for who is teaching on any given day.  Or you could go blind and enjoy the spontaneity.  This class’s intention is to help expose you to all types and individual approaches of yoga.  This is for the practitioner who wants to remain on their toes and explore the potentials.

Meditation is the art of listening to the space between the thoughts. This should be your class outside of class.



° Wear light weight clothing that does not distract or hinder movement

° Refrain from eating 2-3 hours before class

° Morning classes are best on an empty stomach

° Have at least one meal when attending evening classes (2-3 hours prior)

° Be well hydrated by drinking a lot of water throughout the day

° Bring your own mat, large towel and bottle of water

° Have no expectations, agendas, or goals

° Let your practice unfold daily and abandon the competitive mind-set

° When entering a class late, please be discreet and stand toward the back

Yoga is aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Yoga helps you become more aware of your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress sticken environment. The harmony of mind, body, and spirit will help you feel fitter, be more energetic, be happier and be peaceful.

Yoga Benefits

Improves balance and coordination Increases energy
Increases flexibility and strength Improves circulation
Tones & shapes muscles Improves concentration
Reduces stress Improves posture
Promotes over-all well-being Detoxifies body
Strengthens immune system Aids injury recovery
Improves sleep patterns
Note: We recommend that you consult with your physician before taking part in any physical activity