Cheri Stewart grew up in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of NC where she
discovered the gift of yoga at a young age. After graduating from UNC Asheville with
honors in economics and Spanish, she decided to pursue teacher training with her
beloved teachers at Asheville Yoga Center. Cheri has studied with many teachers but
continues to be most influenced by AYC’s Stephanie Keach, Shala Worseley, and Joe
Taft. These individuals helped her discover and trust the teacher within, the divinity
of intuition and its role in practice, and the alignment principles that bring asana to

Cheri believes the yoga practice connects us to spirit and can lead to the flowering
of human consciousness, that it is a celebration of life and the gift of embodiment.
She believes that it makes us more fit vessels to serve our communities and fulfill
our roles in the cosmic order. Everyday Cheri is deeply inspired by the divine play
of Shiva (consciousness) and Shakti (creative potential), which manifest into music,
flowers, sunsets, the human form, and creative vinyasa – all of which are explored in
her shakti-inspired vinyasa classes.

Cheri’s classes are fluid in nature and incorporate, pranayama, meditation, and
yoga philosophy. Students will enjoy intentional eclectic music ranging from tribal
to house to traditional Indian devotional. Powerful and dynamic sequences are
balanced with yin and restorative yoga to tone and strengthen the body while
nourishing the soul.

In teaching, Cheri’s intention is to create a space for people to let go of everything
outside of the NOW, release layered tension, “tune in” to their inner flow, manifest
that intuition into body and spirit, and ultimately unleash their unlimited power and
creative potential.