A passionate dancer since the age of seven, Donna left Southern California in ninth grade to study ballet at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Upon graduating from ASFA, she enjoyed a rewarding career with the Alabama Ballet as a soloist and later as principal ballerina. After hanging up her pointe shoes, she stayed fit with step aerobics and boot camp style classes. Surgery on an arthritic big toe forced a change in her exercise regime and she discovered barre classes and yoga. Initially focusing on the physical benefits of yoga, she found herself drawn to the whole package – the history, philosophy, and the interplay of breath, mind, and body . The concept of looking inward and practicing compassion towards one’s body was a welcome change from the competitive, performing life. On the other hand, the feeling of transcendence that she felt in the flowing vinyasa movements felt like coming home. To deepen her practice she recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at Balance Health Studio in Seagrove Beach, Florida. She is excited about the opportunity to share the life-changing benefits of yoga with others here in Birmingham.

Donna teaches a vigorous, expressive, vinyasa flow class, inspired by her dance background and accessible to all fitness levels. Her classes emphasize breath-initiated movement, listening to and honoring your body, moving with precision and grace, both within the poses and between them, great music, and a fun, sweaty workout.

“What I love most about yoga is that each class is like a new beginning — a chance to change your energy, leave your worries on the mat, find gratitude in just being able to practice that day. My goal is to teach a class that will challenge you physically and leave you energized and calm.”


Kimberly is a certified 200hr RYT yoga instructor through Life Power Yoga and is excited to be starting her yoga journey with The Yoga Circle. It was a mere accident on how Kimberly found yoga. Not ever taking a class until just this year, she was politely “forced” to take a yoga class as a meeting with fellow coworkers. One class was all it took for Kimberly to make it a weekly fitness routine. Then it became quite clear to her that yoga was becoming an essential part of her lifestyle, paving a new road to self discovery, and quite possibly the best “accident” she’s ever had. Kimberly loves to run and yoga has helped improve her endurance, flexibility, resting heart rate, and core strength. With all these benefits from yoga, along came boosted confidence, a new zeal for life, and a passion to share her happiness with others. She is eager to share her love of yoga and to experience a fun and adventurous journey with her students. It’s fair to say that Kimberly didn’t accidentally discover yoga but rather yoga discovered her.


Krista found her way to yoga in 2007 while looking for stretching exercises for running and cycling. She discovered so much relief from low back pain as well as increased energy, inner calmness and improved health that she went on to get her 200 hour RYT certification. Krista firmly believes that yoga has made a vast improvement in her life, and she is eager to spread the benefits to others.
Her philosophy is that everyone- all ages, shapes and levels of fitness can gain something positive from yoga. She approaches her classes with the intent to challenge her students while encouraging them and having fun.


DeAnna’s love of dance and movement led her on a path to yoga. At first, it was a way to increase strength and flexibility but she realized the physical aspect of yoga is a very small part. The unexpected side effects of a consistent practice soon had her immersed in yoga philosophy, history and traditions.

As an accounting manager in a fast paced and demanding environment, DeAnna discovered yoga enhanced her career. It improves concentration and focus, reduces anxiety and teaches better stress management by changing the way you react to your environment and challenges. She believes this has influenced advancement on her career path.

She practiced yoga for several years before deciding to get her yoga teacher certification. She graduated from Life Power Yoga Teacher Training as directed by Johnny Kest. Her training focused on Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga.

DeAnna is also a professional bellydancer and a certified American Tribal Style® belly dance instructor. This empowering dance form has taught her that self-acceptance and self-love is ultimately what leads to happiness. She strives to create an environment that is accepting and welcoming for students of all levels.

Yogic love and self-acceptance coupled with the strength and empowerment of belly dance has created a Shimmying Yogi with a great passion to share this amazing experience with others. Whether it’s a heart pumping Vinyasa flow, a strength building Slow Burn or a creative dance inspired yoga session, her goal is to guide you to a love of the practice and a longing to be on your mat.

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I began studying dance at a very young age and continued to dance through college. I graduated with a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Fitness and Health Education, teaching corporate exercise classes. In 2002 at the age of 40 and four months after 9/11 I took my first yoga class..After losing many loved ones in Tower One, I found myself living with anxiety, headaches, and fear. Also at the time I was employed with American Airlines as a flight attendant and we lost many fellow employees that day.
I began practicing and studying Bikram yoga with Tina Shiva Dasi..Almost immediately my clinched teeth and headaches went away..Although I found the practice very demanding both physically and mentally, afterwards I felt an amazing tranquil feeling. Through my breath and movement on the mat I found a peace and acceptance I had never known. I became stronger both mentally and physically. My fear was gone and I was happy and grateful for the body that I lived in..I felt God’s presence through me. I immediately wanted to teach everyone I knew what I had learned. Within a year I was teaching for Tina Shiva Dasi at Birmingham Yoga. I also taught hatha yoga and mat pilates to all ages through our local recreational center, church, and school.
I continue to volunteer during the summers at United Cerebral Palsy , teaching young adults how to breath and move..This fall I began studying at Life Power Yoga with Terri Sellers and Lauren Lippeatt, under the direction of Jonny Kest, where I completed a 200 hour certification.
At 51, and after many setbacks and injuries,eleven years after my first class, I see yoga’s healing effects more clearly than ever. My intention is to teach everyone I meet the power of the breath and the mind through movement.


Christine’s life is filled with joy. She grew up in Germany surrounded by supportive and loving parents who blessed her with the most wonderful and amazing life. Her passion for movement and health became a calling; she graduated in Sports Medicine and became a Sports Therapist in Stuttgart, Germany in 2006. During this time she met her husband Ken who is from Alabama. After working in rehabilitation centers, hospitals for the elderly and gyms in Germany for four years, she moved to Helena, Alabama in November 2011.
Yoga became a big part of her daily routine; every morning she practiced Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskaras) and her favorite pose Tree (Vrksasana) before starting her day. Christine developed a strong desire to become a Yoga Teacher and in May 2012, graduated from the Birmingham Yoga Teacher Training, having studied under Akasha Ellis to obtain her 200-hr RYT. The styles of yoga she is most passionate are Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, and Restorative Yoga. In Chrsitine’s own words “Yoga is more than moving your body – it is a beautiful interaction between body mind and soul- a never-ending process of giving and receiving, the dance of life with every cell of your being, the art of healing yourself and others!”

Sam Shouse discovered yoga in 2005, as a way to promote physical and spiritual balance. An Electrical Engineer by profession and an adventurer at heart, Sam’s yoga practice took on a new sense of urgency, after a serious skydiving accident. Initially a tool of rehabilitation, yoga eventually became a way of life. Under the mentorship of his first yoga teacher, Dana Long, he was encouraged to consider Yoga Teacher Training. This led Sam to study under Akasha Ellis, who trained him in the styles of Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga, receiving a 200 RYT certification (Yoga Alliance) in 2009.

Since his certification, Sam has developed his practice under noted yoga teachers Laura Tyree, David Williams, Doug Keller, Sean Tebor, Bryan Kest, and Wade Morrisette.

Sam incorporates Ashtanga Yoga or a modified style including elements of Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga into his practice. The practice, incorporating rhythmic breathing in coordination with challenging postures in a flowing style, heats and invigorates the body; resulting in a lighter, stronger body and a clearer, more peaceful mind. Consistent practice develops a meditative awareness of the mind/body connection. Sam hopes to help others explore this intensely physical practice and lead healthier, happier, and holier lives.

Darlene has been a fitness enthusiast spanning 40 years of practice. Obtaining her first certification at the age of 17, she has been a certified group fitness instructor since 1972, and a certified personal trainer since 2000.

She was influenced to seek a yoga practice by her identical twin sister Arleen, after a boating accident/water skiing resulting in a back injury. Yoga is now a part of her everyday life being pain free.

She realized Yoga was for her. She feels Yoga is about who you are, giving you power, making your body healthy and strong, making mind healthy. In her class she attempts to make you feel connected and grounded to yourself and your surroundings in a profoundly spiritual way. You will become strong, fast, supple, and focused. Yoga is the ultimate self-empowering toolbox needed to accomplish anything you desire in your life. It’s up to you to practice. It’s her mission to show you how to practice in a way that makes you feel your best .

Yoga Alliance certified she teaches Hot Yoga Flow, Pilates, Barre, and Strength Training . Her classes have been described as “deceptively strenuous, yet surprisingly gentle” as she blends Vinyasa flow and the principles of body alignment into a mindful yoga awareness. Her approach is to offer a warm, comfortable space to inspire and enhance everyone’s experience.

Influences in her yoga practice include Seane Corn, John Friend, Ana T. Forrest, and Shiva Rae

She was born in Burlington NC, graduated from University of Alabama with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Troy University with a Master’s in Business, and will graduate in December 2012 from University of Alabama as Nurse Practitioner.

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Well were moving on up!

I will start right off by informing you that this is not my idea.  I don’t know who first came up with it but there is certainly a movement to recognize the benefit of having a 13 month calendar.  I offer this to you in case you have not heard of it and to promote this most amazing call to change our world through time, inciting peace and spiritual transformation.  Can we even imagine what we could accomplish with all the energy saved from not fighting each other?  And then the strength in numbers of an intelligence unified??

So the very word ‘month’ and ‘moon’ are of the same origin and both define as a measure of time.  One measure of time is of course our Sun with roughly 365 days.  Why do we disregard our satellite moon?  Why do we have 12 months when we have 13 moons if these are the same?  With 13 months, all with an equal 28 days and 4 perfect weeks, we would have 364 days with one perfect peaceful day out of time.  These 2 calendars can blend perfectly and would honor the masculine/feminine energy to which our physical world adheres.  No wonder we’re out of balance and live in a male dominated society with a war on everything under the sun.  The mechanism of our calendar births this imbalance in our minds, or collective consciousness, and it manifests itself in everything we create.  The irregularity of our months (moons) keeps us irregular and out of synchronicity, and maybe especially our women who are more affected by monthly rhythms.  As a married man, I know if my woman’s not happy then no one’s happy.

Going back to that one day out of time….. do I even need to elaborate on it?  I will though.  Time needs a break.  If everything has its opposite then this could be a way of honoring the timelessness within our Souls.  Imagine the magical potential of this day…. if nothing else, a New Years Party that never starts or stops.  You can’t say be there at 8 when we shut down time for a day. And what if the whole world got on board.  This would be an international day where almost no one was working and energetically people would be putting off a more peaceful vibration.  People the world over could come together at the same time and meditate and we could have our conscious moment.  We could advance ourselves toward self and therefore human realization. Who knows what we could set in motion.

So it could be that simple.  The peace and harmony that so many have been seeking for so long could come down to just fixing our calendar to reflect that fact the we have a Sun and a Moon.  To honor that we work and we rest with the day and the night.  How could we overlook something so inherent and prevalent in our lives?  I don’t even know why there would be a moment’s hesitation or how anyone could argue against it.  What could it possibly hurt?  It’s basically like rearranging your house that it flows and functions better.  We don’t even need new furniture!  Who will make this change?????????????????

Look up  José Argüelles for some awesome incite on this subject.