Are you feeling stressed and burned out by the demands of the workplace?

Mindfulness meditation can help you restore inner balance and strength of mind, thereby reducing stress.

Rigorous scientific research over the past 25 years points to the health benefits of mindfulness that are easily accessible and sustainable.

Learn to practice mindfulness at this workshop that’s facilitated by Duanna Pang-Dokland, a leadership coach and mindfulness practitioner.

August 16th at Inverness Studio  3:00 pm to 4:30

August 23rd at Southside Studio  3:00 pm to 4:30

Register on line under Workshops or sign up at either location.

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When:  September 5-8th

Price:  $1250.  Price does NOT include airfare.

Deadline for sign up and deposit is July 18th.

This retreat will be lead by Stephen.  Details are available but all you really need to know is that it’s going to be awesome!!!


Kimberly Drye is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor in the Birmingham, AL area. She trained primarily in Asheville, NC with master teacher Lillah Schwartz, but has additional training with Cindy Dollar, John Friend, Roger Cole, Michael Johnson, Aadil Pakhiavala, Stephanie Keach, and Matthew Sanford.

She currently has five years of teaching experience at Lighten Up Yoga, Asheville Yoga Center, South Asheville Yoga, Asheville Community Yoga, Asheville Yoga Donation Studio, French Broad River Academy, UNCA, ABTech, Bella Vista Retirement home, Hope Medical Center, workplace yoga at the Federal Building, the Crest Center, the Wellness Center at the Cliffs, Leila Patterson Center, Cooperris Mental Health Clinic, a number of health clubs/gyms, and various special events and private sessions including weddings and private hikes and yoga.

In addition to classes and private sessions, Kim worked as a staff member in the 200-hour yoga teacher trainings at Lighten Up Yoga and Asheville Yoga Center where she offered guidance to teachers about their personal practices, teaching sequences, and teaching skills

In 2011, she started her own series of experiential classes including Yoga on the Mountain events and international retreats. Pictures and more information about these events can be found on her blog,, where she regularly posts yoga sequences, news, and musings.

Kim completed a 150 hours Internship/voluntary observation at CarePartners Rehabilitation facility in the Summer of 2012 and a service learning internship at Thrive, an organization devoted to positive health promotion, in Spring of 2012.

She has previous work experience as an elementary school reading skills instructor, bank teller, and two years in Americorps working with impoverished youth.

500-hour certification in alignment yoga with therapy emphasis from Lighten Up Yoga 2014
230-hour certification in alignment yoga from Lighten Up Yoga 2009, 9 month program
200-hour certification in flow yoga from Asheville Yoga Center 2008, 30 day intensive

Kimberly has also taken several additional workshops/trainings in yoga anatomy, yoga for back care, yoga for multiple sclerosis, the physiology of relaxation and sleep, the physiology of inversions, yoga for sacral imbalances, yoga for scoliosis, yoga for the asymmetric body, the art of sequencing, the history of yoga, pranayama, meditation techniques, yoga for seniors, chair yoga, yoga sutras and philosophy, the energetics of yoga (chakras, bandhas, koshas), and cranial-sacral rhythm in yoga (somatic release through asana).

The technical skills she has as an instructor that set her apart include poignant language skills, excellent demonstration technique, and an in-depth understanding of alignment principles and therapeutic applications. Her classes are focused on a combination of alignment in asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation.

Contact information for Kim, as well as her weekly schedule and upcoming events can be found at

A small epiphany registered on the richter scale.  Just a light shake but enough to knock one thing over setting into motion a domino effect that might topple the world over still.  And yet this is always occurring and is what has brought us to this very moment.  Individuals with small revelations, a tiny good deed, an accident – they have created the world as we know it.

We are here as mediums to allow the creative forces of the universe to express their infinite potential.  Play with the following idea a bit: Imagine being God of Infinite Potential and being able to create absolutely anything – a billion times over what humans have even dreamed of creating.  Where would you begin?!  And so universes and worlds were born and life was given a driving spirit to live , adapt, and evolve by ‘being creative!’  Look at all the life forms and what they’ve had to do to survive.  To survive is to be creative.

This is applicable to our everyday lives.  If we close our minds off, let our bodies deteriorate withering from lack of attention, and allow our emotions to rule over us, we are not living or surviving really as only a trivial amount of universal blood sustains our brief existence. We will parish if we are not creative.  So open yourself daily with wonder, bending body and mind to fracture and crumble that hardened outer layer of yesterday.  Remove impediments that dam the river that so wishes to produce beauty through you. Let everything you do be a creation even if you are just creating a clean floor or a memo for your boss.  Recognize creation in all its forms and create your life while letting life be created through you.  Be a happy medium.


Allie is Bikram certified, internationally travelled, thrilled to meet everybody at the yoga circle, looking forward to working with the hot yoga students.


A passionate dancer since the age of seven, Donna left Southern California in ninth grade to study ballet at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. Upon graduating from ASFA, she enjoyed a rewarding career with the Alabama Ballet as a soloist and later as principal ballerina. After hanging up her pointe shoes, she stayed fit with step aerobics and boot camp style classes. Surgery on an arthritic big toe forced a change in her exercise regime and she discovered barre classes and yoga. Initially focusing on the physical benefits of yoga, she found herself drawn to the whole package – the history, philosophy, and the interplay of breath, mind, and body . The concept of looking inward and practicing compassion towards one’s body was a welcome change from the competitive, performing life. On the other hand, the feeling of transcendence that she felt in the flowing vinyasa movements felt like coming home. To deepen her practice she recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at Balance Health Studio in Seagrove Beach, Florida. She is excited about the opportunity to share the life-changing benefits of yoga with others here in Birmingham.

Donna teaches a vigorous, expressive, vinyasa flow class, inspired by her dance background and accessible to all fitness levels. Her classes emphasize breath-initiated movement, listening to and honoring your body, moving with precision and grace, both within the poses and between them, great music, and a fun, sweaty workout.

“What I love most about yoga is that each class is like a new beginning — a chance to change your energy, leave your worries on the mat, find gratitude in just being able to practice that day. My goal is to teach a class that will challenge you physically and leave you energized and calm.”


Kimberly is a certified 200hr RYT yoga instructor through Life Power Yoga and is excited to be starting her yoga journey with The Yoga Circle. It was a mere accident on how Kimberly found yoga. Not ever taking a class until just this year, she was politely “forced” to take a yoga class as a meeting with fellow coworkers. One class was all it took for Kimberly to make it a weekly fitness routine. Then it became quite clear to her that yoga was becoming an essential part of her lifestyle, paving a new road to self discovery, and quite possibly the best “accident” she’s ever had. Kimberly loves to run and yoga has helped improve her endurance, flexibility, resting heart rate, and core strength. With all these benefits from yoga, along came boosted confidence, a new zeal for life, and a passion to share her happiness with others. She is eager to share her love of yoga and to experience a fun and adventurous journey with her students. It’s fair to say that Kimberly didn’t accidentally discover yoga but rather yoga discovered her.


Krista found her way to yoga in 2007 while looking for stretching exercises for running and cycling. She discovered so much relief from low back pain as well as increased energy, inner calmness and improved health that she went on to get her 200 hour RYT certification. Krista firmly believes that yoga has made a vast improvement in her life, and she is eager to spread the benefits to others.
Her philosophy is that everyone- all ages, shapes and levels of fitness can gain something positive from yoga. She approaches her classes with the intent to challenge her students while encouraging them and having fun.


DeAnna’s love of dance and movement led her on a path to yoga. At first, it was a way to increase strength and flexibility but she realized the physical aspect of yoga is a very small part. The unexpected side effects of a consistent practice soon had her immersed in yoga philosophy, history and traditions.

As an accounting manager in a fast paced and demanding environment, DeAnna discovered yoga enhanced her career. It improves concentration and focus, reduces anxiety and teaches better stress management by changing the way you react to your environment and challenges. She believes this has influenced advancement on her career path.

She practiced yoga for several years before deciding to get her yoga teacher certification. She graduated from Life Power Yoga Teacher Training as directed by Johnny Kest. Her training focused on Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga.

DeAnna is also a professional bellydancer and a certified American Tribal Style® belly dance instructor. This empowering dance form has taught her that self-acceptance and self-love is ultimately what leads to happiness. She strives to create an environment that is accepting and welcoming for students of all levels.

Yogic love and self-acceptance coupled with the strength and empowerment of belly dance has created a Shimmying Yogi with a great passion to share this amazing experience with others. Whether it’s a heart pumping Vinyasa flow, a strength building Slow Burn or a creative dance inspired yoga session, her goal is to guide you to a love of the practice and a longing to be on your mat.

Visit DeAnna’s website


I began studying dance at a very young age and continued to dance through college. I graduated with a degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Fitness and Health Education, teaching corporate exercise classes. In 2002 at the age of 40 and four months after 9/11 I took my first yoga class..After losing many loved ones in Tower One, I found myself living with anxiety, headaches, and fear. Also at the time I was employed with American Airlines as a flight attendant and we lost many fellow employees that day.
I began practicing and studying Bikram yoga with Tina Shiva Dasi..Almost immediately my clinched teeth and headaches went away..Although I found the practice very demanding both physically and mentally, afterwards I felt an amazing tranquil feeling. Through my breath and movement on the mat I found a peace and acceptance I had never known. I became stronger both mentally and physically. My fear was gone and I was happy and grateful for the body that I lived in..I felt God’s presence through me. I immediately wanted to teach everyone I knew what I had learned. Within a year I was teaching for Tina Shiva Dasi at Birmingham Yoga. I also taught hatha yoga and mat pilates to all ages through our local recreational center, church, and school.
I continue to volunteer during the summers at United Cerebral Palsy , teaching young adults how to breath and move..This fall I began studying at Life Power Yoga with Terri Sellers and Lauren Lippeatt, under the direction of Jonny Kest, where I completed a 200 hour certification.
At 51, and after many setbacks and injuries,eleven years after my first class, I see yoga’s healing effects more clearly than ever. My intention is to teach everyone I meet the power of the breath and the mind through movement.